False Anchors Collection Bundle
False Anchors Collection Bundle

False Anchors Collection Bundle

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Do you want to stock up on False Anchors? Do you have some holes in your collection you need to fill?

Well now's your chance to do just that! After fulfilling the V3 campaign, I ended up having a few extras of the exclusive decks, so these bundles will be your final chance to scoop some of those decks up. I am also taking some V1s from my dwindling personal stash to offer in this bundle. Finally, I am sneaking in a standard edition Unanchored Deck before the official release which is still a couple of months away.

This bundles includes:

-One V1

-One V2

-One V3 Standard Edition

-One V3 Special Edition (No Seals)

-One Unanchored Standard Edition

-One Special Deck Randomly Place in Each Bundle (White Whale, Black Whale, Gilded V3 or Gilded V3s*)

-One Half Brick Box with Magnetic Closure

*Note, some bundles will come with the error gilded decks. To identify these, they have a small metallic sticker on the bottom of the tuck.