False Anchors Port 2

Nicely Done! You made it to the next step.

If you live in the USA this next stop is for you. If you live outside the USA then the hunt continues. The first 5 people to discover this spot will receive a free deck of either V1 or V2 False Anchors. Simply purchase a deck from my Website FalseAnchors.com and use coupon code FreeAnchorDeck. (All 5 have been Claim but fear not, reach out and I will send you a special treat)

Insider Secret:   Randomly @falseanchors on Instagram will post a question.  For those in the know reply to the question with “False Anchors Port 2” and be entered into a secret raffle   







PG8-P1-L1-W10, PG104-P2-L14-W7, PG61-P1-L7-W6, PG73-P2-L4-W3, PG94-P1-L4-W10, PG6-P2-L3-W18, PG40-P3-L2-W13, PG44-2, PG84-1, PG26-1, PG80-4, PG68-3