False Anchors 5 w/Deck - Preorder (Expected Ship date September 17th)
False Anchors 5 w/Deck - Preorder (Expected Ship date September 17th)

False Anchors 5 w/Deck - Preorder (Expected Ship date September 17th)

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NOTE: Only way to reserve copy is through Preorder. I will only print what is preordered and will not sell after.

The first 100 orders will include a False Anchors V3 Special Edition with no numbered seal. These no-seal decks will never be for sale individually and will only pop up from time to time in bundles or special promotions. Orders after the first 100 will include a False Anchors V2 deck. 

What is inside:

Two Fair

The most visual trick I have ever created. That’s right, I used the word “visual” to describe one of my tricks. Two Fair is one of the most fair transpositions you can perform. Two cards continue to switch locations, ending with a transposition that takes place while one of the cards is being guarded in the spectator’s very own hands!

Randomly Constructed

The spectator freely creates a playing card, and I really mean freely. The value and suit they pick are completely out of your control, and yet you know exactly what the card is without any trace of deception. You get two different handlings, a few reveal ideas, and a trick you’ll be performing for everyone.

No Weigh!

My take on the classic weighing the cards plot, “No Weigh!” is a full routine that allows you to not only showcase your card weighing skills, but your pip weighing skills as well. But wait, there’s more. As this routine comes to a close, the doors of many more possibilities open up - so get ready to dust off your creativity hat. 


A completely impromptu effect that can easily be adapted to fit anyone’s style of card magic. This trick presents itself as a classic “find a card” plot at first, which disarms the spectator for the ultimate kicker ending that is sure to leave them dumbfounded.